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HOPE FOR ABBA'S CHILDREN began after a group of people from Rush Creek Bible Church in Byron Center, Michigan traveled to Zambia and were touched by the plight of orphaned and under-privileged children there.

School is not free in Zambia. Even public or "government schools" charge a fee. So orphans and under-privileged children cannot afford to go to school. Some local Grace churches, with which Rush Creek is affiliated, were concerned for those children and opened five "community schools" for them.

We, as HOPE FOR ABBA'S CHILDREN, wanted to come along side these schools to help them help the children; to offer them hope ( in Christ ), an education, and a brighter future.

To date, we have:

Helped build a kitchen for a school’s feeding program.
Sent an agricultural student to Zambia to teach them about school gardening.
Helped pay for teachers' training so that they could get their teaching certificates.
Facilitated a team of teachers last summer to Zambia to do a seminar for the teachers.
Purchased books for students.
Hired Emmanuel Mushota, a Zambian national, as superintendent of the schools and to be our hands and feet in Zambia.
HOPE FOR ABBA'S CHILDREN does not own or control any of these schools. Our goal has always been to help out where needed; to partner with these schools. We want them to be run independently and be self-sustaining, but also to know: They're not alone.



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