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    In Africa – at least in Zambia, where Hope for Abba's Children is working – if you give a man a bike, when that bike breaks down – and it will eventually break down – he will bring it back to you and tell you your bike is broken. And he'll expect you to fix it. And then give it back to him again. Strange, maybe, to America's way of thinking, but it is what it is.
  Our goal at Hope for Abba's Children is not to change a culture, but to help it's children so that they might grow to impact their culture. Thousands upon thousands of children in Africa are in need of education and basic support: food and housing and… did we say education? But we can't give them all "bikes"… and it wouldn't do any good if we did.
We can't even pay the teachers like our parents did a generation ago to teach these children. Nothing tangible. We can't give them anything they can "touch" otherwise the Africans themselves won't take ownership and we'll have to fix things forever.
So for the past way-too-many-months Hope for Abba's Children has been adjusting its direction without abandoning its vision: to help the least of these. And we're back on course, so to speak.
Our focus is two fold: 1.) To continue to uphold the students and teachers at the schools we support in prayer, and 2.) To raise financial support for teacher training. That's something the African people can't tangibly hold in their hands – or break and return for us to fix – yet an educated teacher is able to better support his or her own family, plus better equip every child they touch. And that will help change a culture in ways no amount of money simply poured into Africa ever could.




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